I am Roman Catholic, and I am picked on often about it (seeing that chose a Protestant school…. I should have expected it! :-)) I was raised in the Catholic Tradition and I love it. I love the Mass, the Eucharist, the Blessed Mother, Apostolic Succession, the Catechism, the Tradition, the Saints, and the Church.

Many of you might be saying…. “but that’s not Christianity, loving Jesus and committing your life to Him is Christianity.” And I’d say that’s true. I do love Christ and am in complete awe of his love for me.  Lets just say that all the former are gifts He has given me and I am thankful and love all of them. I am Catholic because all of these gifts are in the Catholic Church and thats what makes it home.

Thats about all thats important I guess. 🙂


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